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Delivery Management System

The O’Neill & Brennan Delivery Management System is a fully customisable software package for every type of construction project. It can be easily adapted to suit different phases of a project; with multiple users for subcontractors and suppliers to form a complete delivery booking system.

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Our DMS software ability

It has the ability to record every single delivery received, turned away, unloaded or sent to storage, which can be utilised throughout the duration of a project.

Our DMS software records data that complies with the BREEAM section 3b requirements, to record CO2 from delivery vehicles to and from site, which is then issued to the Contractor at the end of a project. With vehicle types and distances travelled when booking in a delivery being a mandatory requirement, our database is able to record this data against an industry standard KG’s/CO2 per vehicle type and distance travelled to produce an accumulative total of KG’s of CO2 for the project.

Delivery Management System

Other benefits of the DMS include...

Our DMS has its own mobile app for Gatekeepers and Security personnel, keeping them up to date with expected deliveries and amendments, allowing the actual delivery times and offload times to be recorded back to the DMS database. The system allows collaboration from all suppliers and subcontractors to populate and update the live delivery database.

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Key statistics

Subcontractors collaborating to the project DMS 1,500
Projects that have used the logistics DMS 56
Deliveries booked in on all logistics projects 95,252