Pre-Construction Services


O’Neill & Brennan can assist with developing the Logistics Programme within the overall Construction Programme. The aim of the Programmes our team put together is to minimise the impact of construction, and to ensure that there is a commitment to what has been identified and agreed upon in the construction logistics plan throughout the duration of the project.


Our programmes are easily interpreted, implemented and monitored

We continually revisit them before any construction activity begins. We look at the following areas when producing construction logistics programmes:

  • Sanity checks on Procurement Lead in Times for Preliminary Plant
  • Market Testing the Procurement of Preliminary Plant.
  • Identifying and scoping the Logistics requirement to service the build.
  • Developing a Logistics Time slice from Site Enablement to completion of project
  • Sanity check on Logistics resource requirement over the different stages within the Construction Programme.
  • Understanding preliminary programme & phasing
  • Understanding critical path
  • Developing key dates
  • Applying logic based on experience
  • Programme vs resource stress testing
  • Developing relief strategy
“O’Neill & Brennan managed the site logistics for our project at Battersea Power Station and were instrumental in the successful delivery of the package.”
Keith Hutton - Senior Project Director, Carillion
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