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Procurement and Pricing

Our procurement department has over 45 years’ combined experience in arranging pre-contract client requirements which also bolsters our commercial acumen. This allows foresight calculation and spike requirements across the duration of a project to be accurately pre-empted thus avoiding any impact on live operations.

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Effective procurement management

The procurement division is also part of our Supply Chain vetting process ensuring that only the most reliable, compliant and top rated companies are used during the process. We focus increasingly on optimizing procurement processes, ensuring effective procurement management, strategic supplier selection as well as bundling of demands on a Group-wide basis.

“O’Neill and Brennan carried out the Logistics package on the Quadrant 4 Residential Apartment Project in Soho and performed the role to a very high standard. I would recommend O’Neill and Brennan for future Projects”
Eugene McCormick - Project Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine
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