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Preliminary checks

Making sure that the pricing of Prelims or on-cost expenses is accurate is incredibly crucial during the tendering process. Preliminaries, by virtue of its scope and broad definition, can easily contribute or result in huge losses if not correctly understood or determined at the tender stage. This is why our team put a great deal of thought into determining the extent of this allowance when tendering.

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When our Construction Logistics Team are pricing preliminaries, they factor in site establishment, methodology of construction, access restrictions, plant and programme requirements, which allows them to determine the basic plan of construction and reveal all the obvious elements to price. In getting the preliminaries correct, careful attention to detail is required, which is where we excel.

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Identifying potential complexities and challenges

We are able to identify during our prelim sanity checks what the red flag issues are, as well as the many complexities involved such as setting up logistics in tight spaces, managing traffic, working with small lay-down areas, and complex building regulations, all of which normally require a larger proportion of costs to be set aside for preliminary costs. Once all of these variables are established, the information needs to be priced in a logical manner, allowing for quick and logical calculation adjustments, eliminating foreseeable problems and giving our clients the peace of mind that everything has been checked and considered.

“O’Neill & Brennan won the logistics package in competitive tender on the Greenwich Peninsula Plots 114 & 115 and were instrumental in helping us achieve successful phased PC dates at the end of 2016.”
Phil Whitby - Project Director, Wates Construction Ltd
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Preliminary checks

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