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Pre-Construction Analysis

Our team can offer valuable insight through early analysis of design, budget, materials, equipment, and scheduling. Informed decisions throughout the pre-construction phase can significantly impact time and money, so we place great importance on doing our homework.

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During the early phases of project planning and pre-construction, we will undertake critical analysis and insights that dramatically improve early decision making. To enhance collaboration during this early planning phase and throughout the project, O’Neill & Brennan will make regular site and office based visits to make sure we have a complete and thorough understanding or the project at all times.

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Early expert advice and enhanced collaboration

The early adoption of O'Neill & Brennan's services allows us to begin analysing your programme straight away, leading to optimization of project outcomes right from the get-go.

Our analysis encompasses reviewing the following:

  • Swept paths
  • Vertical distribution
  • Hook time analysis
  • Vehicle strategy
  • Waste movement
  • Programme tolerance
  • Timeline efficiencies
“O’Neill & Brennan won the logistics package in competitive tender on the Greenwich Peninsula Plots 114 & 115 and were instrumental in helping us achieve successful phased PC dates. They provided an excellent service, ensuring the forward planning and delivery of the site logistics. We would recommend their offering to someone looking for a similar service.”
Phil Whitby - Project Director, Wates Construction Ltd
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Pre-Construction Analysis

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