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Logistics Planning

We offer production of drawings for all stages of a construction project, with an emphasis on preliminary programme and planning. From the outset on receipt of a tender, our Logistics Management Team review the scope and requirements, producing plans, using a variety of processes, resources and technology.

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Our Logistics Management Team review the scope and requirements of a tender, using the following methods and resources:

  • Extensive experience with similar projects in the field
  • State of the art CAD software
  • Comprehensive site survey and photographs
  • Existing information, such as Architects drawings

Our plans are developed early in the planning process and focus specifically on how to reduce and minimise the impact on road networks, people and surrounding areas, covering all movements of goods, waste and servicing activity to and from site

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Detailed and thorough planning process

The Logistics planning process that we undertake provides the framework for understanding and managing construction vehicle activity into and out of a proposed development, including a full assessment of all phases of construction on site, with respect to:

  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Strategy, including Fire points, Call Points and Escape Routes
  • Project Offices and Welfare including Canteen, First Aid and Toilet facilities
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Traffic control
  • Plant movement, [such as Tower Cranes, Hoists and Mast climbers]
  • Security
  • Waste recycling
  • Signage to cover the above,
“I would like to thank O’Neill & Brennan for the hard work their team put into the 190 The Strand Project. Their strong attention to detail and forward planning was invaluable on a project of this size and complexity and I can recommend them without reservation.”
Shane Taylor - Senior Project Manager, St Edward
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Logistics Planning

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