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CAD Design

The O’Neill & Brennan CAD team are extremely competent in assisting client needs and requirements. The department use the following non-exhaustive CAD programmes; Revit, CAD, Autodesk, Solidworks and many more, to produce quality technical drawings and visuals that accurately demonstrate the project site and the proposed solution in question.

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In addition to our CAD service, our expertise in BIM also enables clients to visualise structures and operations well before site works begin. Our team utilises the latest software to produce data-enriched BIM models in addition to producing detailed designs.

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Project specific planning using the latest technology

The CAD department engage with the client in the pre-construction stage to sanity check all problem areas pre-works commencing. During the operational phase of the project our CAD team will assist the client with updated phased plans and drawings according to the specifics of the project. The plans are made floor specific and are posted on every fire point and at key locations within the welfare areas, project office and access gates. Not only do the plans show the escape and traffic routes but they also detail items such as welfare, designated walkways, fire equipment, first aid, hoists, hoardings, storage areas, silos and access gates.

"O’Neill and Brennan performed the role to a very high standard and I was most impressed with their positive, proactive, flexible and responsive approach and their willingness to go the extra mile. I would recommend O’Neill and Brennan for future Projects”
Eugene McCormick - Project Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine
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CAD Design

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