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All lifting operations are carefully planned out, so they are carried out safely with foreseeable risks taken into account. We produce meticulous plans that address the risks identified by a risk assessment, the resources required, procedures and the responsibilities, so that any lifting operation is carried out safely with personnel in place that have the practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the lifts being undertaken.

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Our service includes:

  • Contract lifts
  • Crane Hook time analysis.
  • Lifting plans
  • Landing bays
  • Appointed persons
  • Crane Supervisors
  • Slinger/Signallers for mobile and tower cranes

When used in tandem with our DMS, we can provide an optimised crane usage solution.

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“I would like to thank O’Neill & Brennan for the hard work their team put into the 190 The Strand Project. Their strong attention to detail and forward planning was invaluable on a project of this size and complexity and I can recommend them without reservation.”
Shane Taylor - Senior Project Manager, St Edward
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Crane Team

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